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Shopster offers a easy way to open up your personal online shop with ease.  They have all the tools you need to start selling on the internet.  For the cost of all their tools their membership is extremely low.  For $29.99/per month + $99.99 set up fee you get access to their wide range of 70,000 products, E-Commerce web hosting, and much more which will be discussed later on.   They also have an annually payment which is $329.99/per year (save $29.89 per year plus the set up fee is waived).

The best thing about shopster is that they allow you to really customize your store to the way you want it.  Because of their wide range of production selection you can really pick a niche for you to sell your products.  They also provide a few basic templates which you can use and they are also fairly customizable. Building your site is very simple and also fun!  And they have a few interesting add ons that you don't see with many other dropshippers which is Coupon Creaters.


    * Free Web Hosting
    * Easy to customize Templates
    * Free Sub domain (.secure2u.com)
    * Free Support for your customers
    * Shipping Cart Included

Shopster makes it very easy to open up a retail store.  Not only do they provide you a E-Commerce website and everything you need to start selling but they also provide support for your customers.  Which means if your customer has a question regarding a product, they will deal with it.  In comparsion to DropShip Design which also is fairly simple to use.  The difference between the usability of the two is their customization.  Shopster allows you to customize your templates far better than DropShip Design; And because of their huge range of products you are able to sell only a particular item, targeting a specific group of audience.  DropShip Design has fewer choices of products but they do have give you a site preinstalled with all their products.  Unlike Shopster where you have to add your own products to your store.  Shopster also puts a limit in the the amount of products you can have on your site, which limits your ability to have a internet superstore.


Out of the 5 dropshippers that were compared on the table, Shopster has the largest  selection of products by far.  With so many products it makes it possible for you to find a niche of your own.  For example you could have a pet supply shop or a shop selling only watches.  The downside of shopster with regards to products are that many of their products are not always in stock which can be a problem. I have manged to sell 3 dvds with shopster and 1 out of 3 is not in stock, this should a concern because it means that you may lose a portion of your profits.  They also do not allow you to sell your own products, which means you have to stick with whatever products that they have.


Their membership fee is fairly reasonable, considering that they supply you with everything you need to starting selling on the internet and more.   Their prices for their products has improved from the past, so this is a good sign meaning they are making effort to get their members lower prices.  But still I think they should still be able to do a little better.  Their prices are no longer as bad as they were before but nor do they have the best prices in the world.  I would recommend users to definitely do their research on the products they want to sell before going ahead and build your shop.  Why I say this is because there are products that you can sell with shopster and get a decent product but there are also products in shopster have very low profit margins that its not going to be worth your time selling.  Just make sure the niche you pick isn't one that will give you a 1-2% profit margin if you know what I mean.


From my experience they have excellent support for customers.  They have live help, where you can talk to customer support on instant message.  Thier employees are will trained and most of the time well mannered.  They will answer all the questions you may have in relatively short period of time. Although from my recent experiences, their forum support is no longer as good as it was before.  It takes quite a long time to get answers from shopster employees.

If you want to give Shopster a try Click Here


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