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Custom Dropshipper

Custom Dropshipper

Custom Dropshipper

Custom Dropshipper has mainly 2 different plans.  One for people that are interested in selling on auctions such as ebay ,ebid ,ubid and etc which cost $19.95/month with a 30 day free trial.  The second plan(VIP Store) is for people who want to open up their own website, which cost $9.95/month with a 30 day free trial.  Both plans are slightly discounted if you subscribe on a 3 month, 6 month, or yearly basis as oppose of monthly.

Out of all the dropshipping companies that i have looked at and tried so far, Custom Dropshipper has to be one of the best in my mind.  Not only do you get the create your own customized images on over 200+ products to sell.  Their prices are real wholesale prices, especially for the reseller plan.


  •     * Free website hosting - VIP Store
  •     * Shopping Cart included (accepts paypal, credit card, debit card) - VIP Store
  •     * Ship Internationally

Custom Dropshipper is fairly easy to use overall for both the VIP Stores and Reseller plan.  Creating your customized product is extremely simple, you basically just find an image you want to use and upload it to your image basket then select the products you want to use with it.  The product will appear on your storefront with your design and then you can go on to catergorized them as you like.  You can adjust the prices of products very easily too.  They have a page where it list all the base prices for its products and you can mark up the prices all at once or do every it individually.  You can Also mark up your shipping price!  This is my first time seeing this with any dropshipper.  They will ship your product to your customer for free so you keep all the profits from the shipping cost.  Again, its very simple you just input the price you want to charge for shipping the 1st item and shipping for additional items then click save.  They also have 100+ templates that you can pick from and enable you make your own coupons for your store. When a customer purchases a product from your site, they will process the order, print out the invoice, package the product and ship it out to  your customer.  This is all done without any evidence of Custom Dropshipper, meaning they are hidden.  In fact they even let you customized the invoice that you want your customers to recieve.

For the Reseller plan, you don't get a store but if your selling on auctions then it doesn't matter anyway.  When you sell an item all you do is copy and paste the address and the product number on an bulk order page.  You then proceed to pay for the items, and it will be shipped out in 1-2 days.  They will send you an email about your order by email shortly and you usually have notthing to worry about.  From my experience they are fairly reliable compared to many other dropshippers such as shopster.  For one they never seem to run out of stock, and the time it takes for the product to be made and shipped out is also fairly quick.


Custom Dropshipper has currently 200+ products that you can pick from to sell.  These includes buttons, watches, wall clocks, t-Shirts, mousepads, mugs and a lot more.  Now, 200 may not sound like a lot at all, but considering you can put your own images on there, the possiblities are endless. Another truely great thing about being able to customize your products that many people don't realize is that you get leverage.  Your product that you make, will most probably be sold only by you throughout the whole internet.  Unlike games, cellphones, mp3 players or just about anything else you will find 1000+ sellers selling the same thing.  What does this mean?  It means that you will have no direct competition selling your products.  It also means that you will have market power because you will not be caught in a price war where the guy with the lowest prices win and everyone else sells for almost no profit.

Example: If an normal average white t-shirt is worth $12.99 to a person, and you are selling a t-shirt with a design that he really wants.  You can charge $14.99 and  he will still buy it.  This is because he likes your t-shirt and your the only one thats got it.  This is called leverage!  Remember, there are lots of people on the internet with money and they get what they want.

The key to success is to have designs that people want!  If you have skills in designing with photoshop or simliar programs it would be a great benefit in this business.  Although, i seen many people succeeded without having any designing skills at all.  They simply just find images on the internet and sell them.  Whether this is allowed or not, many people still do it from what i have been seeing.

Example of Reseller plan:


This person sells varies car sign designs, which claims to be making US$2,040.00/month net profit.  From what i have seen, this seems possible and would probably cost him only somewhere around 5 hrs of worth a month.  Note that not all sellers make that much, not even me

Example of VIP Store Plan:


This is an example of an VIP Store user.


Custom Dropshipper has 2 different product pricing scheme, depending on which plan you are using.  Both of them have extremely great prices which is shocking considering they have to individually make a specific product everytime a order is made.
To make show my point, i use a few examples.

Reseller Pricing:

White T-Shirt - $5.99
KeyChain - $3.99
Mousepad - $2.99

Shipping is also free, although they do charge handling cost if orders are too small.
Handling cost $4 for orders under $5,  $2 for order under $15,  Free for orders over $15+.
This is not that bad consider your orders do not have to be to the same person,  you can be selling 3 different t-shirts, to 3 different people and get free shipping.

VIP Pricing:

White T-Shirt - $8.49
KeyChain - $5.99
Mousepad - $4.99

Free Shipping, no handling or dropshipping cost at all.

Custom Dropshipper VIP Store vs CafePress Premium Shops:

Here is the Custom Dropshipper being compared to Cafepress, the largest company in this sort of business.

Example 1: Suppose we are selling a White T-Shirt with lets say a Joke on it for $15.99. Since Shipping for cafepress is 5 dollars we will assume that you charge 5 dollars too for your shipping with Custom Dropshipper.

Cafepress: charges customer a total of $21.99($15.99 + $5.00 Shipping)
                Your profit = $2.00 since base cost is $13.99

Custom Dropshipper: charges a total of $21.99(15.99 + $5.00 Shipping)
                Your profit = $12.50 since base cost is $8.49 and you keep all the profits from shipping

If you sold at that price you would have to sell over 6 t-shirts with cafepress to make the same amount with Custom Dropshipper.

Example 2: Suppose we are selling a Mousepad.  You can sell for less than Cafepress base price and still make a profit with Custom Dropshipper.

Cafepress: charges customer a total of  $16.99($10.99 + $5.00 Shipping)
                Your profits = $0.00 since base cost is $10.99

Custom Dropshipper: charges a total of $14.99($8.99 + $5.00 Shipping)
                Your profits = $9.00 since base cost is $4.99, and you keep all the profits from shipping

As you can see, even when you as a seller beats Cafepress's base prices you can still make a profit from Custom Dropshipper.  So if you are a Cafepress premium shops owner, i suggest you switch now!

If you want to give Custom Dropshipper a try Click Here


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